Keanu Reeves looks more homeless hobo than Hollywood heart-throb
By Mail Online Reporter
Last updated at 4:08 PM on 23rd July 2010
Comments (0) Add to My Stories Keanu Reeves looks in desperate need of a razorblade and a hot shower.
The 45-year-old actor looked more like a homeless guy than the heart-throb he once was as he shuffled around New York City yesterday.
Reeves was sporting an unkempt bushy beard, an old baseball cap and dirty jeans - hardly the uniform of an A-list actor.
Who's that guy: Scruffy, bearded Keanu Reeves looked far from a Hollywood A-lister as he strolled around New York yesterday
The Matrix star chain smoked his way through a coffee break with a friend before heading off to indulge in a little shopping.
Reeves, whose first name means 'cool breeze over the mountains' in Hawaiin, was born in Beruit, Lebanon.
His mother was a showgirl and his father was a geologist who desserted Reeves and his mother when Reeves was three years old.

Reeves never reconnected with his father who once served time in jail for selling heroin.
Fag break: Reeves chain smoked his way through his coffee date with a friend.
Down and out: Considering he can command £10 million for a movie you'd think Reeves would be able to find something to smile about

Reeves shot to fame playing Ted in the whacky time travel comedy, Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure.
He went on to become a big budget action hero, staring in Speed, which he acted in opposite Sandra Bullock, and cyber adventure series, The Matrix.
Reeves was paid a whopping £10 million a piece for the last two Matrix installments, Reloaded and Revolutions.
Next up for the hard working actor is the science fiction space drama, Passengers which he is producing as well as staring in.

In the meantime, maybe he could use some of that hard earned cash to splash out on a new pair of jeans?
Incognito: At least Reeves wasn't bothered by any fans during his coffee date - it's likely that none would of recognized him

Hot Guy Of The Day? Keanu Reeves
JUL 23, 2010 AT 08:36 AM
Keanu Reeves was photographed drinking an iced coffee from Starbucks while smoking a cigarette with a friend in NYC yesterday afternoon. The actor looked very low key sporting his signature shaggy beard and cap.
Just saying...
Up next for Keanu is 'Passengers' - a SciFi Adventure film which is about to begin shooting.
A spaceship passenger is prematurely thawed from a cryogenic slumber a century before anyone else.
Wonder if he enjoys all this SciFi? It seems to be where he keeps getting cast.
Photos by INF

Keanu Cool with the Heat
Posted by Michael Shirley
A heavily bearded Keanu Reeves still opts to wear a jacket and jeans despite the heat wave in New York. The actor was seen out and about with friends in the Meatpacking District.

Keanu Cool with the Heat

Keanu Reeves is an Earth friendly actor
1 Written by Rosy on July 9, 2010 - 7:56 pm
Does anyone else find it adorable that Keanu Reeves carries his things in an Earth friendly bag? I am totally for men using bags, how else are they meant to carry all their stuff?
The bearded actor was photographed as he walked around New York's Meatpacking District on Friday, July 9th, 2010. I wonder if he was hot at all in all that clothing? It was over ninety degrees in the city today!
I'd love to see Mr. Reeves relax a little and throw on a pair of long shorts, with a tank top maybe. It can remind us of his sexy days in the movie Point Break!!
Keanu Reeves is an Earth friendly actor

Sat, 10 July 2010
Keanu Reeves is Still Sad
Keanu Reeves walks around the Meatpacking District in a jacket and jeans despite the 90 degree weather in New York City on Friday (July 9).
The 45-year-old actor, who was joined by a friend, still looked a little blue despite a massive internet effort to cheer him up a couple weeks ago.
On June 15, due to a recent photo of Keanu eating alone, a huge outpouring of love came in the form of creating a 'Cheer Up Keanu Day'. Fans left endearing messages and creative photoshopped pictures depicting the actor in different scenes all in a effort to cheer up the Matrix actor. In case you missed it, here's a hilarious video that pretty much summed it up.
Keanu Reeves is Still Sad -
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Keanu Reeves in NYC
A heavily bearded Keanu Reeves still opts to wear a jacket and jeans despite the 90-degree Fahrenheit weather in NYC. The actor was seen out and about with friends in the Meatpacking District. (July 9, 2010 - Photo by

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