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“I want to take a moment and I want to sing the praises of Keanu Reeves, and especially Knock Knock which, I think, is his best performance in three decades.  And I just want to talk  about how he is overall underrated.  The idea of movie star as brilliant thespian is just ridiculous.  They just aren’t.  That’s why they are movie stars and not working in the theater.  Keanu always seemed, to me, to be a throw back to John Wayne, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper and even Robert Redford.  He has an unusual beauty that a camera automatically loves and a stoicism that speaks volumes.  He has been working steadily, for film makers who want to work with him, for thirty years now.  I’m telling this just to people who think of Keanu as kind of a punch line or joke.  He is constantly in demand and not necessarily solely for commercial reasons.  And he has a strange presence that is effective.  A stillness, an awkwardness even, that is unusually empathetic.  He is always hypnotic to watch and this is not connected to technique necessarily.  But, to what our most effectve movie stars have which is simply a presence.  This indefinable thing we are simply drawn to.  You don’t need to be a great actor to be a movie star.  Leave that to the character actors.  Keanu has never been better than in the musical chair sequence where he is slowly moving away from the girls, in Knock Knock, as they try to seduce him. He is expressive and vulnerable in a way that is new here. There’s a kind of middle aged perspective that we have’nt seen from him before.”

 Bret making a valiant effort to define the undefinable here. :)

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1994, Keanu Reeves

SPEED in Japan

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