Keanu Reeves: When in Rome

Keanu Reeves: When in Rome

June 14th, 2009

If I was in Rome right now all I would think of is eating their fab food and drinking their amazing wine 24/7, just like Keanu Reeves is doing! The actor was spotted having lunch with a friend today.
Recently a woman in Canada filed a lawsuit against Reeves claiming he owes her child support for his three children with her. She says she has known him since she was 9 years old and he was 7 years of age. Reeves spokesperson denies his client ever met the woman, Karen Sala.
She seeks a DNA test and child support of $150,000 per month, retroactive to June 1988, as well as $3 million per month in spousal support retroactive to November 2006.
Did I mention the "children" are all over 20 years of age now? Oh and she doesn't have any proof or an attorney. Sorry babe but I am having a hard time believing ya!


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