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I was searching for the name Keanu Reeves through twitter search engine and I was stunned and amazed that the tweets came up this way- Keanu Reeves is a vampire…Keanu Reeves is immortal…Keanu Reeves a vampire?!. I think numerous twitters tweeted that shocking news! I couldn't believe that such rumors are spreading like a wildfire in the net. I do not know who on earth and what's their purpose of this such unbelievable act. Could it be for promotions? Regaining his popularity? I do not know why, I am such a Keanu Reeves sucker and I crave for him that much. LOL so I couldn't comprehend why there are claims about this one. Here are the links of what I am talking about.


Source: http://www.scifisquad.com/2009/10/26/finally-compelling-evidence-that-keanu-reeves-is-immortal/

We have all noticed that Keanu Reeves drinks from the fountain of youth. Even with a beard, he still looks like he's barely aged a day between Bill and Teds and Johhny Mnemonic, betweenChain Reaction and Constantine (okay, so he did look a little different inFreaked). Scientists have puzzled over this quandary for millenia, coming up with a few theories explaining his wrinkle-less face:

- We are, in fact, all living inside the Matrix and Keanu Reeves writes the code for his own avatar.
- We are, in fact, all living inside Keanu Reeves imagination.
- The actor we know as Keanu Reeves is not from planet Earth.
- The secret to eternal life is to never, ever show facial expression.
- Keanu Reeves is a vampire.

While all of the above are reasonable assumptions to make, it's that last one that now has evidence to back itself up. As with all things vitally important to our way of life, a YouTube video is here to blow the lid off the entire thing, drawing compelling visual ties between Reeves and Paul Mounet, a French actor born in 1847:


This such a non sense eh? It made me laugh and brighten my boring day in the office. One more thing, it surely gave me the best stun like my brown eyes turned into this o.O. LOL… Hopefully, there will be confirmations or denials coming from Keanu Reeves camp about this issue. Geez, if Keanu is a vampire, he is one hell of a sexy and drop dead gorgeous vampire that will surpasse Edward Cullens' beauty and charisma! LOL…And I would gladly and willing to be his prey!


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