Written by Rosy on April 7, 2010 - 9:36 am

Talk about dying and going to heaven!! Many of our favorite boys including Patrick Dempsey, Zachary Levi, Keanu Reeves, Christian Slater, Adrien Brody, and Brian Austin Green did some practice laps in preparation for the 34th Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race practice day in Long Beach, California.
This was a media event where they were able to meet the drivers and a couple were even put in cars with Pro Drivers for a couple of rounds. These are moments when I hate that I don't live in California!!
Our boy Keanu spoke with The Huffington Post and expressed how winning was not the main thing on his mind.
"I just want to finish without incident. "It's great to have this opportunity, it's really about the experience and seeing a lot of friends," he said.
The race will take place from April 16-18th, just in time for my trip to Los Angeles!
Who are you cheering for, besides me?!


It's a day at the races for Patrick Dempsey, Keanu Reeves & Zachary Levi Accidental Sexiness http://bit.ly/cxHfwM


for more photo; http://my.opera.com/celebfan2/albums/show.dml?id=1809981

It's a day at the races for Patrick Dempsey, Keanu Reeves & Zachary Levi


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