matthewrolstonstudio“Training, surfing, cruising around on the boulevards. Goin through the city to see who’s doin what, where, you know?” That’s what Keanu says he was up to at the time of this unpublished outtake from a 1990 feature story in @interviewmag. For this photo shoot, Matthew channeled that wild Keanu dreaminess that fans were so in love with. ⠀
Styled by @raymondfmlee.
#KeanuReeves #MatthewRolston #InterviewMag #RaymondLee #portraiture

matthewrolstonstudio“Equal parts sex symbol, madman, oaf, and overgrown kid,” is how writer Dennis Cooper describes a young Keanu Reeves in the #interview accompanying Matthew’s #1990 shoot for @interviewmag. A perfect description of Matthew’s visual approach – although he and the writer were working separately. Collective consciousness, people! ⠀
Styling by @raymondfmlee. Stay tuned for more from this shoot…⠀


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