A few months ago we posted some info on the upcoming (like 2011 upcoming) Keanu Reeves Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde project and told of our forecasted excitement for this project. While I know Keanu is not the greatest actor in the world, he does give consistent mid-level performances and is kind of a fan favorite in Hollywood. Keanu brings a different approach to films therefore getting a different outcome, and it's based on that reasoning thatdirector Nicholas Winding Refn is confident he is the right fit for the role.

From Cinematical, we get some input and opinions from Refn:

Unlike the bloggers who reacted with skepticism to the idea of Keanu Reeves playing Dr. Jekyll and his alter ego Mr. Hyde, Refn thinks that Reeves could be an extraordinarily effective casting decision precisely because of that audience cynicism. "I think Keanu is a very interesting personality." Refn offered. "I do think that there's a great movie within him. I think his visual look is very interesting. So I think that what makes it exciting is that he's a non-obvious choice, but he actually adds a great sense of curiosity to the film."

"It's almost like they don't expect that, and that's what's good," he added. "Sometimes the unexpected has greater strength because it's more of a surprise, and I do think that doing it would bring great satisfaction to him, to really pull it off. It's probably the most difficult role any man could play. "

It good to hear that someone (beyond myself) thinks and believes that Reeves has more up his acting sleeve than the "Woah" and "Excellent" lines he is criticized for. I for one always enjoy his performances and think he can handle something a little more out of his comfort zone. The Matrix was not going to win him any awards, but it worked and worked well. So, looking back, could anyone else have played the role of The One?? That said, we're still looking forward to this film and it's development…even though it's still a ways out.

What say all of you? Think Keanu has hidden range in store for a film like this or do you think being Ted "Theodore" Logan was the extent of his abilities?


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