Keanu Reeves has a relaxing day in the city
Comment Written by Rosy on May 11, 2010 - 5:13 pm

Flashing a smile while wearing some dark shades, Keanu Reeves had a chat with some friends on a bench while in New York's SoHo neighborhood on May 11th.
Isn't it just like Keanu to appear in the big city once I've already returned to Miami?!
Reeves has been making the rounds on the internet after being photographed kissing his former co-star, and newly single Charlize Theron outside Beverly Hills restaurant Bouchon last week. The duo shared the big screen in the films Sweet November and The Devil's Advocate.
Onlookers at the restaurant claim the two kissed and exchanged caresses while picking a red wine to share over dinner.
So are they or aren't they?


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