Keanu Reeves Takes A Break In NYC

Keanu Reeves Takes A Break In NYC

MAY 11, 2010 AT 09:50 AM

Sometimes it's not about movie premieres and revealing interviews. Sometimes it's just about appreciating an extremely handsome actor drink a glass of soda. :) LOL!
Here's Keanu Reeves having a drink while sitting outside his hotel in New York City. Thankfully someone was around to catch him. It's a rarity to see Keanu out and about.
Professionally, the actor just wrapped 'Henry's Crime', a movie also starring Vera Farmiga.
An aimless man is sent to prison for a crime he did not commit.
Up next is '47 Ronin'.
An 18th century set story centered on a band of samurai who set out to avenge the death of their master.
Either of these movies tickle your fancy?Photos by INF
Keanu Reeves Takes A Break In NYC


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